Machine Manufacturing Is Shaping Digitization

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  • A partnership of equals
  • Co-determination in the further development of the ADAMOS IIoT platform
  • Utilizing the synergies of a network with leading know-how in mechanical engineering, manufacturing and IT
  • Ensuring a long-term, reliable customer relationship through an easy-to-use IIoT platform and products
  • Fast market access through shortened joint development cycles
  • Powerful app development network

ADAMOS IIoT platform

  • Industrial neutral: No vendor lock-in effect
  • Complete IIoT functionality
  • Cost efficiency through joint
    innovation & development

ADAMOS App Factory Alliance

  • Powerful app development network
  • All apps available on the ADAMOS platform
  • Uniform app certification rules and processes

Digital marketplace powered by ADAMOS

  • Offer your own and jointly developed apps
  • Use of ADAMOS standards
  • Protection of customer relations by independent digital marketplaces

ADAMOS: A standard in machinery and plant engineering

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are currently the most important drivers of growth, productivity and innovation in the machinery and plant engineering industry. They enable the networking and communication of machines as well as a comprehensive collection and use of production data in real time. In the race for data sovereignty speed is of essence. Yet the Internet of Things requires high investments, skilled workforce and the mastery of the latest technologies. This is where cross-industry cooperation is taking place and offers many advantages to machine manufacturing:

  • ADAMOS relies on close co-operation and knowledge exchange, provides all the parties with centrally developed solutions and services and thus reduces effort.
  • As a driver of innvation, ADAMOS is continuously developing new IIoT applications.
  • ADAMOS is not dependent on external software vendors. Machine manufacturing customers receive machine and IIoT software solutions from a single source and can use their data confidently. This secures the leading position of machine manufacturing companies in the digital age.
  • ADAMOS offers a digital portfolio of machine-specific, industry-specific, and cross-industry applications.
  • ADAMOS can be deployed internationally, can be implemented quickly and is available as a cloud solution or "on premise" accessed via stationary clients.
  • ADAMOS uses standardized solutions and interfaces and is thus operationally reliable.
  • As a "white-label" solution, ADAMOS allows the participating machine manufacturers an individual IIoT appearance. This means: Partners use the central ADAMOS platform, the front-end - the digital marketplaces - is designed in their own "look & feel".
  • The technological know-how of the partner companies is concentrated in the ADAMOS App Factory Alliance. ADAMOS therefore provides a development environment using common technology standards to develop applications quickly and efficiently.

Become an ADAMOS partner and take advantage of a network of leading suppliers from the fields of mechanical engineering, manufacturing and IT.

ADAMOS Partners

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